The Y9820A Inceptron Companion is a high-performance state-of-the-art AI algorithm processing and deep learning inference hardware, perfectly developed for the combination with a modern Spectrum Analyzer such as the Anritsu MS2090A and using performant communication. The combination of an embedded graphics processing unit (CPU/ GPU) enables real-time neural network signal (CNN) processing algorithms to be executed in software, with additional specialized signal analysis development.

The YOTASYS Y9820A is an innovative and modern solution for a performant portable setup for the capturing, analysis and reporting of RF signals. Based on the sophisticated IQ streaming streaming of MS2090A, this system expands the need of measuring and investigating RF signals up to 9 GHz (or higher) with unique features for the detection and analysis of unknown (or unwanted) signals in the RF space.


  • Combination of Spectrum Analyzer with powerful CPU/GPU for AI applications
  • RF signal analysis and signal capturing
  • Application of AI algorithms like modulation and interference analysis, jammer detection and more Remote installation and control over Ethernet or LTE modem
  • Wide RF signal coverage from 9 kHz to 54 GHz (using ANRITSU MS2090A)
  • Permanent capturing and storage, plus export in open data format

Applications and use cases

  • Monitoring and interference detection of ‘live’ RF signals using AI algorithms Detection of signal anomalies or unwanted emissions
  • Deployment as fix installation or tactical portable unit
  • System for spectrum occupancy measurement techniques (ITU-R SM.2154)

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