YOTASYS AG is an innovative spin-off company from the established and experienced YOTAVIS AG with state-of- the-art activities in cognitive communications and networking. The company offers products and services in wide applications for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) for wired and wireless communication.

The team of YOTASYS has solid know-how in the area of telecommunication and comprehensive experience test & measurement applications, software development and custom specific solutions.

Cognitive-intelligent – or as we say „cognitelligent“ – systems in the company context means the applications of perception, learning, reasoning, memory and adaptive approaches in the design and use of communication and sensor systems. The company vision encompasses all topics in the broad area of cognitive signals, communications and networks, with an emphasis on taking holistic and possibly transdisciplinary approach on design of complex and intelligent communication and sensor systems.

The covered core topics of YOTASYS include the architecture, protocols, cross-layer, and cognition cycle design for cognitive networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence for cognitive communications and networks, end-to-end and distributed intelligence at and beyond all layers of communications, software-defined radios and networking, cognitive radios, spectrum sharing, trading and relevant economical aspects of networks, security and privacy issues in cognitive networks, novel emerging services and applications enabled by such concepts.