In the era of 5G and IoT, real-time positioning is becoming increasingly required by context-aware applications and location-based services. Typical scenarios include locating doctors and patients inside a hospital, advertising commercial products to mall visitors, monitoring gas and oil plants status, pinpointing dead crops in vertical farms, identifying victims’ location in Public Protection and Disaster Recovery (PPDR). Moreover, several advanced applications can further provide cellular phone fraud detection, location-sensitive billing, as well as navigation from and to almost everywhere, through the utilization of heterogeneous wireless technologies, fusion of sensor and IoT data.

Additionally, with 5G paving the path for a seamless collaboration among heterogeneous wireless systems (cellular, WiFi, IoT, etc.), a great opportunity has risen in the area of indoor localization in urban areas under the framework of smart cities. Such high dense networks could be utilized to solve multi-agent positioning and offer agility and scalability for accurate positioning as a service.

At YOTAVIS, we started internal projects to follow this subject and come up with proof-of-concepts.