The Y3010A is a small, fully autonomous, operating and innovative static ground surveillance radar with low radiation power used for surveillance operations. It detects and tracks the object movements in the operational area. Detected targets are displayed on a separate PC or laptop website that may be deployed at large distances from the radar via a local area or wireless WLAN/4G network.

YOTASYS has developed an AI signal processing software for its Y3010A Radar system to automate, accelerate, and facilitate object detection and characterization. The Y3010A is a fix-installed or tactical, battery-powered doppler radar system that can cognitively detect and track targets. With AI-processed classifications, users can more easily understand and control the behavior of the system – adding object classification labels and allowing a user to specify which objects should be tracked and which can safely be ignored.

Using a modern CPU/GPU, the Y3010A Inceptron Radar is capable of analyzing to a signal source. Thanks to the powerful AI capabilities of the integrated software, RF signals can be inspected in a very sophisticated modern way.

The user can access the setup and results directly via the Ethernet/WLAN/4G Interface, using a simple web GUI. The user interface can also be tailored to specific needs and allow the settings of alarms and statistics.

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