The Y3077A is a 77GHz radar system with a range of several hundred meters. Using a modern CPU/GPU, the Y3077A Inception Radar is capable of analyzing to a signal source. Thanks to the powerful AI capabilities of the integrated software, RF signals can be inspected in a very sophisticated modern way.

The Y3077A design is based on automotive radar chipset technologies. This design builds a high-end 2D radar transceiver with 4 receiving channels and a low phase noise, PLL controlled transmitter. The integrated chirp generator allows creating very fast frequency sweeps. The target information from the 4 receive antennas is digitized and the high speed digital signal processing performs range and doppler FFTs with an update rate of 20 measurements per second. 

The high frequency bandwidth allows good distance resolution. Target information is sent out using the integrated ethernet interface.

The radar is delivered with a web control panel software and also the radar firmware in C-code. With the graphical user interface, all radar modes can be selected and targets are visualized in 2D Range-Doppler maps, a Range-Range, a Range-Speed or a Range-Angle display.

Please ask for more details and a datasheet.