The Y8800A is a high-performance state-of-the-art AI algorithm processing and deep learning inference hardware, perfectly combined with a software-defined radio (SDR) using performant communication. The combination of an embedded graphics processing unit (CPU/ GPU) enables real-time wideband digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms to be executed in software, with additional specialized field programmable gate array (FPGA) firmware development.

The GPU is the most utilized processor type for machine learning, therefore the Y8800A significantly reduces the efforts for developers to create autonomous signal identification, modulation recognition, interference mitigation and many other machine learning applications for RF technologies. Using a most performant CPU/GPU, the Y8800A is capable of analyzing an RF signal source and also generate RF output signals up to 6 GHz. Thanks to the powerful AI capabilities of the integrated software, RF signals can be inspected in a very sophisticated modern way.

Out of the box, the Y8800A includes a fully functioning SDR that includes numerous examples and open source APIs. The system includes complete software packages and is based on a Linux UBUNTU operating system with drivers, FPGA firmware, and everything required for a professional operation.

The YOTASYS Y8800A is an innovative and modern solution for a performant portable setup for the capturing, analysis and reporting of RF signals. Based on the integrated SDR, this system expands the need of measuring and generating RF signals up to 6 GHz with unique features for the detection and analysis of unknown (or unwanted) signals in the RF space.

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